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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Garden Jungle

What a beautiful day! I've just returned home from Amanda's team training which was really good as usual. It's always great to meet up with everyone and get loads of inspiration from swaps and inspiration tables - only down side to this is that I see loads of lovely things made with stamp sets I never thought I wanted, and now, not only do I think I would like them, I actually NEED them!! :-)

This is another of the pages I made last weekend....much more masculine than my last one! It does look better IRL!

I'd love to say that the garden is now a beautifully landscaped and well tended space where I can sit and relax, but alas not.... I can try and pretend it's now a meadow like area, but even that would be pushing it! One day it will move to the top of my priority day!

Thanks for looking and thank you for leaving your comments, I really appreciate them.

1 comment:

  1. Another great layout I watch you move paper around and it is lovely to see the finish