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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Mini book here are a few pages of the little mini book which I demo'd at quarterly training recently. The original idea isn't brain doesn't do engineering! ;-) Unfortunately I can't give credit where it's most definitely due as I don't know who the original idea came from, as it was a friend who showed me how to assemble it back in 2009. The basic idea is a piano hinge spine, which you can see on the last picture.

The finished book measures 6" x 6" and is about and inch in depth, depending on how many embellishments are added. Mine isn't quite finished, so I'll be adding a few more bits and pieces to it. You can't see on these pictures, but there are slots in the top of the book and these also hold additional photos and journalling.

The one I demo'd I made a closure by adding some ribbon between the front 2 pages and the back 2 pages. As I gave these away to the other ladies who did inspiration stations that day I don't have a sample to show, but I'm sure you can imagine a bow tied to the side to hold the book closed - just an alternative to making a little box for it to go in :-)

Right, I'm off to turn my heating is getting cold again! Roll on Spring....

Will be back soon with some more samples.

1 comment:

  1. Love your mini book Nikki and those papers work really well with those photos.
    The book's idea was from a class from UKS possibly in 2007.