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Friday, 2 March 2012

Postage Punch

At a recent workshop, held just before Valentines Day, I demonstrated a simple card using several of the great SU punches. The ladies who attended produced a red, black and white card suitable to give to the men in their lives, and it was lovely when the hostess recently told me she saw several of them on display when she visited some of her friends who had attended her workshop! It's always so nice to hear comments like this and know that a homemade card has been so well received.

When I did this demonstration I explained that because there were so many different types of punches that could be mixed and matched, the card we made could easily be turned from a Valentines card into a Birthday or Thank You card - or indeed any other type of card! Here's the alternative I came up with:

Sorry about the quality of the photo.....still on a learning curve with that!! :-) I'll have to have a chat with my friend Mj who takes the most amazing photo's, but I'm sure you get the general idea!

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